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For a quieter, less chaotic experience of the beauty of Florence, the Pitti Palace has some of the most ornamental and decadent interior of any Florentine building. Therefore we suggest you to get a Palazzo Pitti reservation. Along with the palace, strolling through the Boboli Gardens is a must.

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You could spend hours in the gardens with everything there is to admire. It is a nice getaway from the crowds, and with its spectacular view of the city, Palazzo Pitti is sure to impress. Book online a Palazzo Pitti reservation and begin you visit. It is a visit you cannot avoid to do as Palazzo Pitti had so much importance in Florence’s history. This was the residence of Medici family, which they organize and adorn as they wished. After the Medici family it was the residence of every important family that controlled and reigned over Florence and its territories, as the king Umberto II di Savoia, in most recent times. Do not miss this important residence, book now a Palazzo Pitti reservation.

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Inside Palazzo Pitti you will find the Palatine Gallery. The exhibition follows attentively the wishes of Leopoldo II of Asburgo-Lorena, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Also this Duke of course had his residence in Palazzo Pitti and Tuscan is really grateful to this Duke that did important reforms in many fields of the Granducato. These rich and important families loved to be encircled with works of art that Florence with its artists fully provided. It was Leopoldo di Lorena that organized the works of art in the city dividing them in ancient sculptures and paintings, which he sent to Uffizi Gallery, and the more recent to Palatine Gallery, which you can see with the Palazzo Pitti reservation. Palazzo Pitti reservation gives you the chance to see attentively the museum and the palace. 


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