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Medici's Chapels Ticket Reservation

This is a reservation for skip-the-line ticket entrance to the Medici's Chapels.

Address: Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini 6 - Firenze
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 8.15 am - 1.50 pm.
From 01 May  to 1 November and from 26 December to 7 January: 8.15 am - 4.50 pm.

Closingthe 2nd and 4th Sunday and 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of each month, New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day.

Leaned against the church of San Lorenzo, the chapels include two important places for the Medici's history: the New Sacristy and the Chapel of Princes.
The New Sacristy is the funeral chapel wanted in 1521 by the first Medici pope Leone X for his family. The commission was given to Michelangelo who had the occasion of showing his talent as an architect and sculptor creating the statues that adorn the Medici's tomb. Beginning of the '600s the decision to build the Princes' chapel was taken. This was a great mausoleum for the family in Baroque style, but it remained unfinished after the extinction of the Medici in 1737.

San Lorenzo Complex in Florence

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Today surrounded by a lively market, San Lorenzo was the church of the Medicis who commissioned Brunelleschi to carry out the work. Building, begun in 1419 on a pre-existing basilica consacrated by Saint Ambrose, continued intermittently and the façade was never completed. The plant is a Latin cross with three naves divided by Corinthian columns. The complex includes the Cappelle Medicee and the Medicea Laurenziana Library, commissioned by the Pope Clement VII to Michelangelo who also carried out the work on the internal façade. The left wing of the transept leads to the Old Sacresty created by Brunelleschi as a simple space under the hemispheric dome. The decorations at the base of the dome and the lunettes are by Donatello. The atmosphere inside the basilica is one of harmony, a perfect union between antiquity and Florentine-Romanic architecture. Brunelleschi achieved this harmony by making use of precise proportional ratios.


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Half price ticket: for 18-24 year olds from the European Union.

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All visitors under 18 years old from any country (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
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The ticket price is composed of the entrance price (depends on the museum and on the ticket category), the pre-reservation (3,00/4,00 €), the booking online fee (2,00/4,00 €). 


Children under 6 years of age enter free. No ticket/reservation needed.

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