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How to get to Accademia Gallery

The Accademia Gallery in Florence is famous for its so called “Prisons” and for Michelangelo’s David. It also preserves paintings between the 200s and 500s and plaster cast collections respectively done by Lorenzo Bartolini and Luigi. The master artist's world famous statue of David is the highlight of an extensive collection of Italian art.

How to get to Accademia Gallery and jump the line

If you want to know how to get to Accademia Gallery visit our siteThe famous sculpture was moved here in 1873 from where it once stood outside the Palazzo Vecchio. It was moved to prevent any damages to it but in 1991 was attacked by a man with a hammer. About the Unfinished, these are a very modern sculpture: they seem to reflect the interior condition of the artists. These sculptures could have been made by an artist from the 20th century, and instead it comes from Renaissance. This proves the modernity of Michelangelo. When in Florence, think about how to get to Accademia galley and jump the line

How to get to Accademia Gallery with Italy Travels

How to get to Accademia Gallery is a question with a prompt answer: Italy Travels is the tour operator with which you will jump the line and arrive directly at the ticket office, and from here into the Accademia gallery. The Accademia Gallery is a 20 minutes walk east of the train station. It's next door to Piazza San Marco. Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery are located very close to each other so you can visit both museums on the same day. Accademia gallery is a museum that will surprise you for the quality of the items collected: apart from the David and the Unfinished you will find a collection of ancient musical instruments, coming from the near music conservatory Luigi Cherubini. Visit our site www.ticketsflorence.com and discover how to get to Accademia Gallery avoiding the long external line.


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