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Tickets to see Michelangelos David

The most famous statue all over the world, relating the Italian Renaissance has a copy that stands in Piazza della Signoria, under the eyes of million of visitor every day. That is a copy however; the original stands inside the main hall of the Accademia gallery, protected from atmospheric agents. Tickets to see Michelangelo’s David will permit you to see it.

No line tickets to see Michelangelo’s David

This superb and elegant statue is known all over the world, world that you can see waiting in line outside the museum. No line ticket to see Michelangelo’s David solve this problem. Michelangelo born (6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564) was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect and poet. He was one of the most famous artists of the Italian Renaissance. Some of Michelangelo’s famous works include the statue of David, Pietà and paintings in the Sistine Chapel including the Last Judgement. Michelangelo's David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, it represents the Biblical hero David. It was sculptured between 1501 to 1504 and is currently at the Accademia Gallery in Florence since 1873 along with some of his unfinished works. With the tickets to see Michelangelo’s David you will see him, standing over 14 feet tall.

Tickets to see Michelangelo’s David with Italy Travels

With the tickets to see Michelangelo’s David you will discover many of the curiosities that regards this work of art. In the beginning, it was just the original David to be positioned in Santa Croce square. The building of the statue had a lot of difficulties, difficulties that Michelangelo solved in a brilliant way. There were doubts at that time about the solidity of the statue: the platform and the support at the right leg were too thin to hold the hold statue, that it was said that it would not have stood just on the two legs. Michelangelo proved the contrary: the statue reached out days with no problems. Tickets to see Michelangelo’s David will let you see the symbol of the male beauty in art. 


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