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Vasari Corridor visits

The Vasari Corridor is an one kilometre length passage that begins in Palazzo Pitti, it crosses the Arno river and ends in Palazzo della Signoria. The Vasari Corridor was opened in 1565 after five months of works. Vasari Corridor visits are guided tours that you can book easily on our site www.ticketsflorence.com

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The beauty of Vasari Corridor visits stay not only in the suspended walk above the roof of Florence, but also in the paintings it guards. In particular they are portraits, silent eyes that watch the visitors passing by. A lot of portraits reflect the faces of members of the Medici family. One of the first portrait we find is Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, last descendant of the family, she died in Florence in 1743. This woman was very important for the city of Florence and its art. In fact Anna Maria Luisa, once she felt that her life and her family’s history were coming to an end, she signed an important document.  This and more curiosities are to be discovered with the Vasari Corridor visit.

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The importance of this document stays in the fact that here she declared that all the works of art that belonged to the Medici family had to be inherited to the city itself, so that it would have been impossible for future sovereigns, like the Lorena, to inherit them. As a result, the Vasari Corridor visits also shows you how the city of Florence is so rich in works of art. The Vasari Corridor visits is a complete tour that permits the visitor an higher view of the city, view that allows a reflection on the history of this city and the events related to the monuments, the important character that made Florence famous so as its incredible art, which made it eternal. 


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