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Vasari Corridor Florence

Florence is very proud of its Vasari Corridor. The Vasari Corridor built from Giorgio Vasari is extremely recognisable from every part of the city and definitely one of the features that most characterizes Florence, its skyline and its historic centre. The Vasari Corridor of Florence is unique through the entire world.



Vasari Corridor Florence guided tours

Apart from the reasons, well known, which moved the construction of the Vasari Corridor, reasons that you can discover booking a Vasari Corridor Florence tour, there is much more to know. For example, it is so interesting the role that the Vasari Corridor had during the Second World War, where it was a protagonist in more than one occasion. First of all, when Hitler came in visit of Florence in 1938, Mussolini led him into the Corridor, which caused surprise and admiration to Hitler. That is also because Mussolini ordered the opening of two more windows, so that the view to the river would have been better visible. The guide in the Vasari Corridor Florence will surely tell you this story.

History of Vasari Corridor Florence

The beauty of the corridor stunned also this historic character, and this is probably the reason why Ponte Vecchio, and its Vasari Corridor of Florence, was the only bridge left untouched by the bombs of the German air force. Art won on war in Florence, this is why citizen from Florence go so proud of their Vasari Corridor and their art in general. The Vasari Corridor of Florence was also a protagonist for the partisan, which tried (and succeeded) to oppose the Germans, which stayed on the north side of the river. To go from the south part of the city, where partisan had control, to the northern part, they used the Vasari Corridor. The reason for which it was constructed became useful again during those sad times.


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