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Uffizi Gallery Admission

Uffizi Gallery is open everyday except for Mondays from 8:15 am to 6:50 pm. Booking your ticket in advance will reduce your waiting time and avoid the long queues. Booking a pre-reserved Uffizi Gallery Admission is one of the smartest travel moves when organizing a trip. Italy Travels offers museum reservations to Uffizi Gallery. 
Arriving with this pre-reserved ticket means walking past the winding lines and spending more time inside the museums themselves.


Uffizi Gallery Admission with Italy Travels

Uffizi Gallery is the museum in the centre of Florence that contains works of art like paintings, roman and Greek sculptures, collected during the centuries starting from the Medici, the most important family of the history of Florence. To get Uffizi Gallery Admission you can go on our site and get a ticket that will permit you to jump the line. One of the works of art that the visitor will find at the museum, thanks to the Uffizi Gallery Admission is the so called “Tondo Doni”. This picture takes its name from the person who commissioned it to Michelangelo, a rich banker who was about to marry a member of the important Strozzi family, Maddalena Strozzi. With the Uffizi gallery Admission you can see the Tondo Doni, which surprises for the brightness of the colours: the red and blue of Marie’s dress, the gold of Joseph’s suit.

Uffizi Gallery Ticket Admission

The picture has a lot of movement, as Marie turns herself to take the little child from Joseph’s arms. The three figures at the centre of the picture occupy most of the space: on their back some naked figures remind classicism. With the Uffizi Gallery admission you will see this beautiful picture, a rare example of Michelangelo’s picture. With the Uffizi Gallery ticket Admission you will see in the room 35 of Michelangelo, one of the few examples of Michelangelo’s painting, apart of course from the Sixtine Chapel. Michelangelo in fact was devoted to sculptures, as we can see from the many fortunate examples he left us: the David at Accademia Gallery, the Piety at Saint Peter’s Basilica and many others. Get an Uffizi Gallery Admission on our site and jump the line.



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