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Pre-reserved Accademia tickets

Pre-reserved Accademia tickets will make you visit easier and more enjoyable because you don't have to wait in line. During the summer it can take hours to enter the museum because it is the high tourist season. Italy Travels can help you reserve a ticket to the museum and you will have more time to admire the artworks.

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With the Pre-reserved Accademia tickets you may see examples of paintings and sculptures by the great 14th and 15th century masters who made Florence the capital of art. The most famous work exhibited is undoubtedly the marble statue of David made by Michelangelo. The hall leading up to David is lined with perhaps Michelangelo's most fascinating works, the four famous non finiti ("unfinished") Slaves, or Prisoners. Like no others, these statues symbolize Michelangelo's theory that sculpture is an "art that takes away superfluous material.”

Italy Travels offers a comfortable online reservation service for pre-reserved Accademia tickets. You can book them on our site or you can call our customer care office at 0039 055 2670402 from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 5:00 am.

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Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo founded the Accademia di Belle Arti and the adjoining Galleria dell’Accademia in 1784. Accademia Gallery is one of the top museums in Florence mainly because it is current home to Michelangelo’s world famous statue of David. With the Pre-reserved Accademia tickets you can see other Michelangelo works like St. Matthew and the Four Prisoners. The Accademia Gallery also have a Department of Musical Instruments containing precious musical instruments from the adjacent Cherubini Conservatory, instrument that you can see with the Pre-reserved Accademia tickets. Italy travels will help you reserve a ticket to visit the museum and you can avoid standing in line for hours especially when it is hot.


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