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Most beautiful spots in Florence

The city of Florence might be small in size, but it is a grand, open-air museum, rich with beauty and new places to discover. Florence is home to the most magnificent palaces, gardens, and museums the world has to offer. The problem here isn’t what to see, but rather what not to see, among the most beautiful spots in Florence. There is enough here to keep you awestruck for a lifetime, so when traveling to Florence for a short amount of time you must choose wisely.

Most beautiful spots to see in Florence

To see the most beautiful spots in Florence you just have to walk through the streets of the historic centre. The renaissance style is present in every façade of every building, reminding you that this is the city where art had one of its best moments. Begin a walk through the centre maybe starting from the Accademia Museum, from where you can reach the Medici Chapel and explore the beautiful San Lorenzo Square, which is not changed at all through the centuries. From San Lorenzo you can reach the near Duomo, the pearl of Florence, of its religious life but also of its every day life, as the little emblems of the different crafts and trades of the city embellished a good part of the façade and the lower part of the tower. This is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in Florence.

Walking tour of the most beautiful spots in Florence

From the Dome, one of the most beautiful spots in Florence, you can take one of the most famous streets of Florence, Via de’ Calzaiuoli, heart of the shopping of this city, and reach Piazza della Signoria, silently supervised by the severe gaze of the Neptune, on the top of the fountain dedicated to him. This square has many events to narrate, tied to the history of the town, back to medieval times. If you book a guided tour of the city centre, the guide will satisfy every curiosity you may have about this square. From the square you have the direct access to the area in front of the Uffizi Gallery, whose building embraces the square forming a giant U. Walk until the end of this area that faces on the Arno River. From here you have the sight of one of the most beautiful spots in Florence, Ponte Vecchio.


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