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The Uffizi Gallery contains many facilities to render support to its works, like a didactics centre, art works restoration laboratory, photographic studio, research centre, today’s collections continue to increase and in particular the artist from the nine hundreds section self-portrait sector that often get donated to the Gallery. Book Uffizi Gallery ticket and discover the many offers.

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Book Uffizi Gallery ticket, it is a must see destination for visitors who come to Florence. To build the Uffizi and make space for the huge complex, many constructions were demolished. Among them San Pier Scheraggio, an ancient and important Romanesque church. The Uffizi Gallery was opened to public by Grand Duke Peter Leopold in 1769. One of the paintings inside Uffizi is the portrait of Raffaello Sanzio, an oil on canvas where the sweet face of the talented painter watches directly towards the spectator, as it was used to do for self-portraits. The sweetness of his face reflects the sweetness of the faces he painted, as in the painting “Madonna del Belvedere”. Booking the Uffizi Gallery ticket you will have the chance to meet this painter of our past.

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Another strong protagonist of this amazing gallery is Antonio Canova, which filled the museums of the whole Italy and Europe also. Here at the Uffizi however, there is a unique painting of Antonio Canova, which dedicated himself also to paintings, even if the sculptures remained the art where he obtained more successes and fame. Booking Uffizi Gallery ticket you can see the self-portrait of Antonio Canova, where the artist seems surprised, as if someone would have token a photo to him all of a sudden. Canova himself was not sure of its painting as he was of his sculptures: to a friend in fact he confessed that he painted just for himself. Book Uffizi Gallery ticket and discover this wonder.


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