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Standing in line for hours to get in the museum can be frustrating and can make your trip less enjoyable. Italy Travels offers you a chance to visit Uffizi Museum and not stand in line for hours. A pre-reserved ticket will allow you to visit Uffizi museum no line and get in the museum without a line and have enough time to see all the artworks.

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One of the most famous works that you can see with the visit of Uffizi Museum with no line are the portraits of the duke and duchess of Urbino, considered the first Renaissance portraits. This painting is oil on canvas made by Piero della Francesca, an important painter and mathematic born near Arezzo. For this work of art, Piero della Francesca was influenced by the Fleming art: colours are clearer at the horizon, as the air which is from the spectator to the horizon lights the farer colours. The landscape behind the two figures then, is a very precise landscape and if the 5 panels are united the landscape will be one. It refers to the landscape that one could see from the tower of the Doge’s Palace of Urbino. Visit Uffizi Museum with no line and enjoy this innovative works of art.

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Of this panel we can also notice details of the two figures: the lady, Battista Sforza, has the skin of a very light colour, as indicated for the noble families. This differenced the noble people from the farmers, whose skin was brown because of the sun. Visit Uffizi Museum with no line and enjoy the many works of art that the gallery owns since the day of its opening. Visit Uffizi Museum with no line and see the collection of Roman statues that Renaissance artists often used as models. It also houses the world famous statue of the Venus of the Medici, with other Greek, Roman, and Renaissance sculpture. To visit Uffizi museum with no line you can contact Italy Travels to the number +39 055 2670402 and email to info@italy-travels.it



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