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Vasari Corridor guided tour


There are some buildings, some museums and some parts of the city do worth a visit. Not just a simple visit but a guided tour, a good solution that permits the visitor to enjoy the museum while the professional explanation of the guide proceeds. This is the case of the Vasari Corridor guided tour.

Vasari Corridor guided tour in English language

Book a Vasari Corridor guided tour and discover this secret passage, once reserved just to the Grand Duke. The Vasari  Corridor touched several buildings of the city centre. The passage is one kilometre length. It starts in Palazzo Pitti, the residence of the Grand Duke. With the Vasari Corridor guided tour you will see how it follows in Boboli Garden, where there is a secondary entrance of the Corridor. It passes in front of Santa Felicita Church, a beautiful little church not far from Palazzo Pitti, and then it passes above Ponte Vecchio, offering one of its best views to whoever is looking at it from the bridge or from the area of Uffizi. Then it follows the Arno River toward Uffizi gallery, where it enters for a section.

Vasari Corridor guided tour with Italy Travels

 Once outside the Uffizi Gallery the Vasari Corridor crosses Via della Ninna, a little street next to the gallery, and it finally enters into Palazzo Vecchio, the final destination. With the Vasari Corridor guided tour all this passages will be clear to you. The Grand Duke Cosimo I made this beautiful passage every day, to and from work. He could enjoy the view of the city from above and control what happened under his feet. The Corridoio Vasariano was a perfect solution to reach his workplace without risks, as the citizen were not accustomed to his figure, which signed the end of the famous Repubblica Fiorentina. With the Vasari Corridor guided tour today you can walk the same steps Cosimo did.



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