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Buy the Uffizi Tour Florence now! The Uffizi Museum in Florence is the symbol of Italian art. Uffizi Museum receives every year millions of tourist attracted by the unique art that is contained just in this museum. If the Italian art is the 60% of the art patrimony of the entire world, a huge part of this 60% is surely exposed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Uffzi tour Florence an opportunity you cannot miss!

The Uffizi tour in Florence is the most complete tour that will explain you the history, the architecture and the works of art contained at the Uffizi Gallery. This tour is planned every day except Monday in high season, while from the 1st of November to the 31st of March this Uffizi Tour takes place only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, always at 3.30pm. The Uffizi tour in Florence lasts almost two hours and if the group has more than 15 people, participants will have earphones to hear the guide better. The guides that will lead the explanation are certified English speaking guides through the hall.

The itinerary of the Uffizi tour in Florence

In one of the first hall visitors find Botticelli’s masterpieces, with the stunning Primavera and the Birth of Venus. During the Uffizi tour in Florence visitors will meet the art of masters like Leonardo da Vinci with the Annunciation and Michelangelo with the Doni Tondo. In one of the last hall the atmosphere changes and we find the dark and contentious Caravaggio with the Medusa.
The Uffizi tour in Florence is a must of your travel in Tuscany. Visitors will enter the Uffizi Museum avoiding the long line, in this way they will save time and spend all the available time inside the Uffizi and schedule other entrances to other important Florence museums.
Buy the Uffizi Gallery Tour now! Click HERE and book on line the UFFIZI TOUR FLORENCE. If you want to book tickets for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence just to skip the line at the Uffizi Gallery entrance, please click here: UFFIZI GALLERY TICKET RESERVATION



Buy the Uffizi Gallery tour in English and visit the Uffizi Gallery with an expert guide! The tour price include ticket with pre-reservation to skip the line


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