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One of the main attractions and must-see sights for tourists visiting Florence is the Uffizi museum that was originally designed by Giorgio Vasari in the 16th century to house all the public offices, guilds and court artists of Cosimo de' Medici. The Uffizi palace is now home to the world’s greatest collection of Italian and Florentine art, which you can see with the Uffizi tickets reservation.

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The Uffizi museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Florence. During high season waiting times can be up to five hours. Visitors who book an Uffizi tickets reservation in advance have a substantially shorter wait. One of the rooms we suggest you to see with the Uffizi tickets reservation is the room dedicated to Tiziano’s art. This room is dedicated to the Venetian painting and in particular to this interesting painter. One of the paintings you will find in this room is the Flora, on which we strongly suggest you to pause on. The painting represents a woman, Flora, goddess of fertility. The woman expresses a strong sensuality. This portrait in fact not only stands for the goddess but it is also the portrait of Tiziano’s future wife. With the Uffizi tickets reservation you won’t miss it.

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Visit Uffizi with the Uffizi tickets reservation and in the same room where you find the Flora, you will also find another painting from Tiziano, much more famous than the first one. We are talking of the Venus of Urbino. This painting represents a woman on a bed, looking sensually towards the spectator. At her feet a dog represents devotion. This painting in fact had to be the gift for a girl that had to be a wife soon. The painting in fact had to remember to the girl the sexual duty towards the husband. A child on the back of the painting wishes fertility to the couple. With the Uffizi tickets reservation you will have the possibility to see this painting as well as Tiziano’s Flora

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