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Reservation for the Uffizi

First up, the Uffizi Gallery. Names such as Michelangelo, de Vinci, and Botticelli may come to mind, and you could spend hours admiring the details in their work with the reservation for the Uffizi. The visitor to Florence cannot depart from this city without visiting this museum. The building itself is a truly work of art and its beauty should not go uncredited.

Online reservation for the Uffizi

However, put the art aside for a minute and explore the corridor that overlooks the Arno River, as the Uffizi has a stunning view of the incredible Ponte Vecchio. With the online reservation for the Uffizi you will enjoy the museum without the waiting time of line, which you will jump. The no line tickets permits you to reserve more time to the museum, which is big and with many rooms, so that it deserves a lot of time, at least two hours. The Uffizi museum offers a chronological path of the art that passed thorough Florence or that was born here, as in the case of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci. Check out our site and book now a reservation for the Uffizi.

Reservation for the Uffizi Gallery

Print out you reservation for the Uffizi and present it at the ticket office. You will immediately enter into the museum after the security processes. The long corridors of the museum covered with statues will immediately give you the sensation of being merged into art, and of the eternity of it. After the first rooms you will enter into one of the most crowded rooms, where people pauses more: the Botticelli room. Here you will feel you would need hours to look attentively at the pictures, the Primavera (the Spring) and La Nascita di Venere (the birth of Venus). After this you will meet many other rooms, where art is the protagonist. Book now a reservation for the Uffizi and enjoy this precious sight. 


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