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Michelangelo's Secret Room, book your tickets!

From 15th November 2023 to 30th March 2024

Michelangelo's Secret Room was discovered in 1975 and can be visited for the first time. It is a small room whose walls are decorated with a series of drawings attributed to Buonarroti. To access this extraordinary room you must enter the Museum of the Medici Chapels in Florence, through an opening located under the New Sacristy.
The opening is organized on an experimental basis.

You can access in groups of maximum 4 people.

If you wish to book, you can do so by writing to info@ticketsflorence.com or calling +39 055 5321180.

We will reply to you with all the details and availability. As this is a highly requested visit, it has not been possible to open online booking at the moment.

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Michelangelo's Secret Room in Florence - Background

The small 10x3 meter room was Michelangelo's refuge between June and October 1530. Actually, Michelangelo had to hide from the guards of Pope Clement VII, a Medici's Pope, angry with him for his republican leanings. In fact, the republican government had managed to temporarily expel the Medici from Florence.

Michelangelo therefore had to spend endless days hidden in the small room and took advantage of the white walls of this environment to draw some sketches, drafts of monumental format, which herald some of his most famous sculptural and pictorial works.

 Michelangelo's Secret Room opens to the public. With the conclusion of the work to adapt the Medici Chapels Museum to safety regulations, it has been possible to open this precious environment to visitors in total safety.

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