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How to get to Uffizi Gallery


When planning your visit, how to get to Uffizi Gallery is surely one of the first questions that the visitor should ask himself before reaching Florence. The answer is not difficult: your visit begins on our site where you can check out our many offers referred to the city of Florence.

How to get Uffizi Gallery with no line

On our site www.ticketsflorence.com you will find out how to get Uffizi Gallery with no line, so that you can get directly into the museum. About Uffizi we can say that the last of the Medici, Electress Anna Maria, willed the entire family collection to the gallery in 1743. The results, collected over several centuries, provide a view of one of the finest treasure troves of art anywhere in the world. Works are presented in chronological order, giving viewers the opportunity to see the whole full array of Renaissance art in the manner it developed. With such premises how not to get to Uffizi gallery?

How to get to Uffizi Gallery with Italy Travels

This display constitutes not just an education but the experience of a lifetime. A display that results even more precious if we think of the risk that the museum experienced. How not to get to Uffizi Gallery knowing that in 1996 water from the Arno River began rising at an alarming rate. 
Within hours, the city of Florence was virtually underwater and contents of the Uffizi Gallery were under threat of being destroyed. The Uffizi Gallery is located in the heart of Florence, right next to Piazza della Signoria and its beautiful Palazzo Vecchio. The Uffizi Gallery sits in between Palazzo Vecchio and the Arno River, with a great view of Ponte Vecchio. If you would like to know how to get to Uffizi Gallery please contact Italy Travels to the number +39 055 2670402 or email to info@italy-travels.it.



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