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Corridoio Vasariano reservation


The Vasari Corridor tour is the best way to see the Vasari Corridor, the expert guide will explain you the long history that this corridor had since the day it was built, and all the curiosities that are related to the corridor. Make sure you do not miss this important part of Florence.

Vasari Corridor tour reservation

The Vasari Corridor tour tells the story of the Grand Duke Cosimo I, the one that wanted the building of the Vasari Corridor. It was commissioned when Cosimo’s son Francesco married his wife Giovanna d’Austria. Successively to this decision the original function of Ponte Vecchio was changed: on Ponte Vecchio the little shops used to sell meat. Some of the rests were thrown down in the river but some other remained on the pavement of the Ponte after the daily closure of the shops, and this caused bad smells. The shops were converted to jewellery shops, so that the Grand Duke was not disturbed by the smell of meat. Reserve now a Vasari Corridor tour and discover more of this fascinating history.

Vasari Corridor tour tickets

It seems strange today that those rich, beautiful and gold shining shops that captivate our eyes when we pass through the bridge were once meat sellers. However, this city so as many other cities were much different in ancient times that what we see today. Visiting museums today is important also because they make us realize how was the past that built our present. You can easily do the reservation of the Vasari Corridor tour on our site, where you have all the information. Visit the Vasari Corridor and enjoy this wonderful sight of Florence, a unique suspended path that would permits you some view of Florence that you won’t see in any other occasion. Reserve now the Vasari Corridor tour and visit this amazing sight. 



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