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During all the year it can take several hours to get inside Uffizi Gallery without a reservation. Therefore, booking well in advance the Uffizi Gallery is important. By making a booking with Italy Travels you will be able to get in the Uffizi Gallery without waiting in line for hours. This is also valid for the Uffizi gallery tour, the most complete way to visit this important gallery.

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The story of Uffizi is of course the story of its most famous paintings. However, in the museum there are less famous paintings but of no less value for which Uffizi worth a visit. One example of a less famous painting but of high value is the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi, Giudith beheading Holofernes. We strongly suggest you to book an Uffizi Gallery tour also because it is the most complete way to understand works of art like this, for this there is much to say. Artemisia Gentileschi is an Italian painter born in Rome, which followed the Caravaggio style. In her life unfortunately she occurred to have a bad experience, a sexual abuse. Technical and experts say that this violence reflects the tones of the painting. Book an Uffizi gallery tour and follow the story.

Book Uffizi Gallery tour with Italy Travels

Book an Uffizi Gallery tour, so that the expert guide will explain you the details of the most important and beautiful paintings. One of this is Giudith beheading Holofernes, a picture where the light accompanies the dark, as in Caravaggio’s tradition. There are some works of art that we can’t avoid to see in life. For this reason a booking of Uffizi gallery tour is always a good idea. For more information please contact Italy Travels to the number +39 055 2670402 and email to info@italy-travels.it. 

 You can book your tour to the Uffizi Gallery with an expert guide on the site www.ticketsflorence.com


Buy the Uffizi Gallery tour in English and visit the Uffizi Gallery with an expert guide! The tour price include ticket with pre-reservation to skip the line


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