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Book a tour of the Accademia Gallery

Book a tour of the Accademia Gallery, the best way to see this museum is with one of our expert guide. They will introduce you the main works of art present in this gallery, famous for the David by Michelangelo. The David is without of doubt the centre and fulcrum of the whole gallery.

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Book a tour of Accademia Gallery, so that you can get a complete and exhaustive explanation of this world famous statue, of biblical inspiration. As in the renaissance philosophy, the statue has perfect proportion apart from the hands and the head, of bigger measures than what they should have been. Book a tour of the Accademia Gallery and discover the story related to this extraordinary statue, which became with the centuries a symbol of Italian art, of perfect human proportions, of the art of the Renaissance and of course of the city of Florence. Book a tour of the Accademia Gallery, you will be extremely satisfied with what you will see.

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When an artist does something great, s/he will be remember forever for that works of art. With our Michelangelo this happened for the David and for the wonderful and stunning Sixtine Chapel. Booking a tour of the Accademia gallery will also notice how the David is not the only one masterpiece that Michelangelo did: along one of the corridors of Accademia gallery you will see the Unfinished. These are block of marble from where statues seem to come out. They are half out the marble and half inside the marble, where of course we cannot see them, but just imagine. Book a tour of the Accademia Gallery and will have the chance to see the artworks that made Italian art famous all over the world. 


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